Senko 303718


*Recommanded retail price. This price includes VAT. Documentation and transport costs on demand.

Technical data

Trailer type
Two axle
Construction type
860 kg
Total weight
3.000 kg
Load capacity
2.140 kg
Inner length
3.750 mm
Total length
5.500 mm
Inner width
1.850 mm
Total width
2.480 mm
Inner height
270 mm
Total height
1.740 mm
Loading height
470 mm
13 inch


Basic price

Price (VAT excl.)
10,194.00 €
Price with VAT *
12,334.74 €

*Recommanded retail price. This price includes VAT. Documentation and transport costs on demand. All specifications are approximate and refer to the standard vehicule without accessories. We assume no responsibility for errors or omissions. Some illustrations show special equipment that is not included in the series equipment.

Standard equipment

  • Welded drop-side-/frame construction made by steel plate, hot-dip galvanized
  • Welded V-drawbar, hot-dip galvanized
  • 13-pin plug and reversing light
  • Hot-dip galvanised ramp wall with anti-slip grating, which is also gas spring supported (height approx. 1240 mm, tested on 2400 kg axle)
  • Lashingrings mounted in external frame (5 pairs at 3000 mm / 6 pairs at 3750 mm internal length.), traction force 1000 kg per lashing ring
  • Fully automatic support wheel
  • Steel mudguard, opens and closes automatically during the lowering process
  • Lighting mounted on the side
  • Lowering hydraulics with hand pump


This trailer can even be used to load vehicles with very little road clearance. Simply use the hydraulics to lower the loading platform either using a manual pump or - as an optional extra to make your work even easier - with the help of an electric motor. The lowerable rubber spring axles will provide you with an extremely shallow loading angle. The Senko is also enormously robust. The drop sides made from 3-mm steel plate are strong enough to handle even the heaviest loads. Each of the ten lashing rings has been DEKRA-approved for a tensile load of 800 kg. Naturally, all vehicle components have been hot-dip galvanised.