Which trailer floor ensures safe transport for my horse?

Your horse's safety should take priority when buying a horse trailer. The trailer floor is an important factor in this regard. Many trailer manufacturers offer a choice between

However, wooden floors pose various safety risks when transporting your horse. What are these risks, and why does Humbaur now fit AluBiComp floors as standard?

Wooden floor

Potential risks with wooden floors

When it comes to standard wooden floors, even a small amount of damage may result in the ingress of moisture. The consequence of this is that the wood rots. If the moisture damage remains undetected for too long, it can have devastating effects. In the worst-case scenario, your horse might break through the rotten trailer floor. If it goes unnoticed, even a damaged rubber mat can cause moisture and dirt to collect underneath it and attack the wooden floor. Horse trailers equipped wooden floors should therefore remain dry at all times. Parking your trailer in a meadow? Not a good idea due to the high moisture levels! 

AluBiComp floor

In contrast, AluBiComp floors are completely wood-free – and therefore much safer. Instead, the composite panel consists of two specially coated aluminum sheets with a polypropylene plastic core. In addition to their low weight, they are characterized above all by their excellent robustness. The material is also resistant to moisture, which makes the floors of these horse trailers rot-proof. A special coating on the aluminum panels also prevents corrosion due to other factors, such as excreted ammonia. The design is extremely stable and can withstand both kicks and high concentrated loads due to heavy horses. Even extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations cannot damage the AluBiComp floor! This means that these horse trailers not only offer more freedom in terms of use, but also improved safety when transporting your horse.

Did you know? Our AluBiComp floors do not rot.
We give you our word in the form of a 15-year warranty!


Can withstand various temperatures and temperature fluctuations and thus ensure safe transport of the horses.



Infografik wasserresistenter Humbaur AluBiComp Boden


The Humbaur AluBiComp floor has 30% less weight than a wooden floor,thus increasing the load capacity of the trailer.


The composite plate design is made of two outer layers consisting of specially coated aluminium sheet metal and a polypropylene hard foam core.


The special coating of the aluminium plates prevents oxidation, e.g. by ammonia in horse faeces. Thanks to its refined design, it is non-rotting and sturdy.

All reasons that prompted us to only use the AluBiComp floor as standard from now on.

It can withstand different temperatures
Low weight
Special composite plate design
Non-rotting and sturdy