Two levers for achieving top quality: Development and production

We are passionate about research and development

It is no accident that Humbaur GmbH is one of Germany's leading manufacturer of trailers. An important factor in this success are the many new developments that we put on the market year after year. We take a long-term view and attach great importance to research and development. Since 1984, we have been one of the major contributors successfully shaping the future of trailer construction.

It is in production that we show our true colours

We are constantly investing in the latest manufacturing technology so that our innovative trailers comply with our stringent quality requirements. We also pay particular attention to good working conditions, which has an additional beneficial effect on quality. We construct and produce in one location. That means we have short development paths and clear, confident cross-departmental collaboration. By the way, that also applies to the metal-working companies in our area. Our investment in an optimum production process enables us continually to manufacture innovative, improved, trailers.

We produce the superstructures of some series by using the modern injection process, which is unique in the trailer business. The advantages are highest fitting accuracy, stability and a especially smooth surface. Furthermore the production causes a low emission level, which effects environmental and human benefits.