Quality for professionals

The right trailer for every purpose

Professionals know that a good trailer fulfils its purpose, whatever happens. And because there are so many different applications, we are constantly finding out what our customers really want. We continue to develop our broad range of trailers in close consultation with dealers. There are now more than 415 models, so that you can find the ideal trailer for every requirement: For tradespeople, horticulturists and landscapers, haulage contractors, farmers, horse lovers, private citizens...

Tested quality

We simulate the toughest imaginable conditions for our trailers on various test tracks. We test the stability and durability of the chassis, frame and components. That is how we guarantee the outstanding quality of our trailers.

Well thought-out functions

Our trailers are already excellently equipped when they leave the factory. We have a whole series of special models in our range, which reflect the special requirements of our customers. These include, for example, trailers with a hydraulic lift gate, workshop and machine trailers, even individual promotional trailers. All the functions are technically well-conceived and constructed for strenuous everyday use. Find out more about our basic technical equipment and functions.

Robust and durable

Trailers are subjected to extraordinary stresses every day, whether on the building site, in agriculture, and other commercial or domestic environments. We place enormous importance on ensuring that every one of our trailers functions easily under tough operating conditions without any unpleasant surprises. We therefore construct them from suitable materials in the necessary strengths.