HTK 19 t

Load-capacity-optimised, rugged three-way tipper

Drawbar with screw-in towing eye Ø 50 mm, galvanised and screwed in.

  • Hardox®HB 450 tailgates 800 mm, hinged with central locking.
  • Fixed front wall
  • Hardox®HB 450 800 mm hinged rear wall fitted between two sturdy stanchions with automatic tailgate locking.
  • Complete cataphoretic and powder coated tipping bridge, single-colour in RAL.
  • Hydraulic three-way tipping system with control via the towing vehicle (max 200 bar)
  • Three-tiered telescopic cylinder
  • Hydraulic SVK BG3 plug-in coupling as single circuit connection
  • Reinforced SAF CD axles with drum brake.
  • Tilting stabilisation through electronic air suspension with shock absorbers.
  • 15-pole connection plug.
  • 24 V lighting system with multiple-chamber tail lamps and LED side marking lamps.


  • 2 semicircle mudguards.


  • 2 wheel chocks with holder.
  • Contour marking white on the side, red at the back.
  • Reinforced 12 t geared support jack with load and fast speeds, on the left in the direction of travel.

With a permissible gross weight of 19 tonnes, the HTK 19 is not only ideal for bulk materials such a earth, sand, gravel and concrete, but also construction materials such as bricks and concrete blocks. The design of the tandem three-way tipper is based on the width of a pallet and therefore guarantees the safe transportation of palletised goods. With optimised drive and tip qualities and a relatively low tare weight, the tipper offers a reliable helping hand for heavy-duty work.

Details of the HTK tandem three-way tipper 19 t:

Galvanised draw tube
Hardox® tailgates
Motor-powered, hydraulic three-way tipping system
Axles and suspension
15-pole connection plug
24 V lighting system
Mudguard and equipment
Reinforced 12 t geared support jack

Technical data

HTK 195025

Permissible gross weight in kg 19000 Body dimensions in mm 7150 x 2550 x 2450
Load capacity in kg 15020 Tilt angle (to side/rear) 50 °/50 °
Internal dimensions in mm 5010 x 2420 x 800 Tyre size in inches 385/65 R22,5
Load height in mm 1520    

Subject to technical modifications. All dimensions are approximate values and relate to the series vehicle without accessories. Additional equipment changes both the inherent weight and the load capacity!

What can I transport with the Humbaur HTK 19 three-way tipper?

Construction materials

Construction materials and pallet goods up to 10.2 t.

Fine-grained construction material

The HTK 19 three-way tipper can be used to transport approx. 14 tonnes of sand, depending on the model. 

Coarse construction materials

Its rugged construction is perfectly suited for coarse construction materials such as gravel or concrete rubble.